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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Use presented here serve as a binding agreement between (which will be referred to as “we,” “us,” “ours,” or “our Company” hereafter) and any site user (“Your,” “Yours,” “You,” the User(s),”) who uses this Website (referred to hereafter as the Site or Website). The company isn’t a lender, doesn’t represent any financial entities, doesn’t create financial products, provide financial services, nor make credit-based decisions. The Company connects its network of lenders with Website Users through a searching and matching service. In order for a User to gain access to the services of contracted third party lenders, they must fill out the web-based registration form.

We urge all users of the website to read this Terms and Conditions of Use document so that you are aware of our terms before utilizing any more services on the site or submitting any personal information. By doing either of those things, it implies that you have reviewed and understood not only this term but all other regulatory documents listed on the website, including our Privacy Policy.

Only adult residents of the United States are allowed to use this website. By continuing to use the site, you are confirming that you meet this criteria and live in an eligible state. The website’s services are not available to users who reside in New York, Vermont, West Virginia, or Arkansas due to these states’ specific regulations on short-term lending. The list of states in which short-term lending is prohibited may change over time. To check whether your state is on the list, you can follow the links provided to authority websites on our Rates and Fees page – these sites always have the most current information about state-specific regulations surrounding short-term lending in each individual US state.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions listed on this website, please leave immediately.

Company Services

As mentioned earlier, the Company does not lend money or make credit decisions. Instead, it connects independent third-party lenders with website users. These lenders can provide short-term loans of up to $1,000 to site users. The exact amount varies depending on state regulations. Because the Company doesn’t make credit decisions (only the third-party lenders do), they exclusively decide whether to approve your request for a loan. In addition, the loan providers also set the terms and conditions of their available loan products. These decisions are made individually, taking many different elements into consideration. The company cannot promise that every request for a loan will be approved when matched with a lender. Furthermore, we also can’t guarantee that the lender will offer you your desired amount or terms. Not all of our contracted lenders are contracted to provide $1,000 loans either.

If you have any questions or concerns about a loan offer or short-term lending in general, we suggest that you seek professional help. This type of credit can be quite expensive, and it should only be used for brief periods under ideal conditions. Please keep in mind that the Company is not involved in terms set by third-party lenders and thus bears no responsibility for their decisions. Furthermore, the Company can’t provide data on any of the credit operations.

In order to use the services we provide, you must first register on our website by filling out a form with your personal, employment, contact, and financial information. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use as well as any other governing documents. Please note that the company is not responsible for any costs or damages incurred from communicating or cooperating with third-party lenders. We collect and use sensitive information, like your Social Security Number and bank account info, to help us match you with one of the lenders we work with. These third-party lenders can then approve your loan request and offer a product that meets the needs you indicated on our website form. To do this, we have to share your information with these lenders. Your personal information will be treated according to the guidelines set out in our Privacy Policy, Marketing Practices and Responsible Lending Policies. By submitting your details, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed to the provisions and practices in these policies as well as this Terms & Conditions document. When you submit your information on our website, it is considered a request for our matching service whereby we pair you with a contracted third-party lender. Therefore, the lenders we give Your information to can contact You through direct mail, phone calls, email and other types of media. They will offer You financial products that they think You might be interested in after looking at your personal details (excluding things like SSN or banking info). We may also share some of Your less sensitive personal details with third-party marketers that have a contract with us. Your lender may do the same thing so You receive more offers for different kinds of financial products.

The third party lenders we share your SSN and other personal details with can use those for credit verification checks. The results of these checks may influence the financial services and product offers the lenders extend to you.

Given that products are constantly changing, we cannot promise that the product you asked for will still be available by the time you need it. We also can’t provide detailed information about every service and credit product out there–if you want to know more about a specific financial transaction or service, please contact your provider directly.

Copyright Usage and Proprietary Rights

You are only allowed to use this website if you agree with these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other regulatory terms. Additionally, all content on the website is copyright protected. We will take strict legal actions against anyone who reproduces or represents our Website unlawfully. Moreover, it is prohibited to use our Website’s content for commercial purposes. Lastly, the Company has full ownership rights over all Website content (e.g. videos, texts, pictures, digital record trademarks logos etc.). All content on this website is protected under U.S. copyright law and may not be copied, duplicated, resold, or reproduced in any way. Any unauthorized use of this website’s content will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Please note that our website and all services provided are available “as is” and subject to stated availability. After carefully reviewing and understanding this Terms of Use document, users may use them at their own risk. We do not offer any guarantees or warranties for the service or products offered. In addition, please be aware that our website’s services and products are subject to change with no prior notification needed. Please be aware that our products and services may not always meet your requirements or expectations, and that security, uninterrupted service, or freedom from errors cannot be guaranteed. The technologies we use, including software applications, may sometimes have errors which we will attempt to correct if possible. Additionally please note that we are not responsible for any third party websites, toolsorpware you might access as a result of using our products or services – these entities may contain errors for which we refuse liability. You follow third-party links at your own risk, and the company cannot be held accountable for any losses resulting from these interactions. The Company has not verified or reviewed the third-party lender links, nor have we evaluated other outside sources listed on our site. It is up to you whether to visit these external sites and accept or reject their services—we simply provide the link as a resource.

Limitation of Liability

The Company is not answerable for any type of damage or loss, whether incidental, consequential, direct, indirect, or otherwise that might occur to You as a result of using the Site and the services provided by third-party service lenders. The amount of money You paid to use this Website is the only thing limiting The Company’s liability in cases where Users experience some sort of loss on our website.

If certain types of warranties are not recognized or allowed in a particular jurisdiction, our Company’s liability will be limited to the maximum amount permitted by law in that jurisdiction.

Implication of Our Privacy Policy in Marketing Activities

The moment You provided the Site with Your information, You agreed–expressed or not–that the Company could share and use it for marketing efforts. According to this site’s governing Privacy Policy document, that means we may give your contact details to contracted third-party marketers and lenders. If You changed Your mind about having Your information in our database, just let us know and we’ll take care of it ASAP. If a third party hasYour info too andYou want them to delete it as well, please reach out to them directly sinceWe’re not affiliated with any other businesses like that.

Third Party Websites

Some of the information on our Site is about services offered by other businesses, as well as links to their websites. We’re not responsible for any content on those third-party websites, and we can’t control or guarantee its accuracy. Also, just because there’s a link between our Site and another website doesn’t mean that we endorse that site or have any responsibility for it whatsoever—use your best judgment when clicking away from this site!


Any legal disputes that root from company usage or services are subject to the state’s legislation where the company is authorized to do business activities or offer their services. All disputes must be filed by sending an official complaint for arbitration through the required channels in compliance with federal and state regulations currently active at the time of submission. All disagreements that take place between the Company and its User may only be processed and fixed through arbitration, as set in this document’s terms. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Use, You are affirming that You forfeit Your right to have a lawyer present Yourself (or individually) in any court or before any judge. Likewise, You renounce Your entitlement to join class action lawsuits filed against the company.

If the User decides to participate in arbitration, they agree that compensatory damages (assigned by an arbitrator and authorized by American Arbitration Council) will not exceed the amount of damages originally claimed. Furthermore, no incidental, consequential or punitive damages can be awarded during this dispute because You have waived Your right to seek responsibility for such damage claims. The results of arbitration are binding for Users. In some cases where Users do not comply with these guidelines, the Company has authority to file a claim via another method in order outside jurisdiction’s court system.

If you disagree with the arbitration clauses found in this document, you have ten days from the date of your acceptance to notify the company by writing a letter. The request must be submitted to, and include your full name, phone number, mailing address, email address, as well as the statement: “I reject the Company’s arbitration clause as stated on the Website’s Terms and Conditions of Use document.” If you do not agree to this provision, you have one year to file a case in any court that is authorized to handle such cases. If you do not file within this time frame, your claim will be void.

Export Restriction

The Site’s products and services cannot be used by residents of embargoed countries, which currently are: Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Libya, Iraq and Sudan. Similarly any country that the US has placed an embargo on goods and services from may not use the site. The products also aren’t available to users who come up on the US Commerce Department’s Table of Denial Orders or Treasury Department’s database of Specially Designated Individuals when run through a background check.

If you continue to use this site and its services, and register on the site (and read and consent to this Terms of Use document), we will assume that you are not part of any group listed in this clause.


By reading and agreeing to this document, you are providing the company (and all parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, directors etc.) with protection against claims that may arise due to your own actions. This includes unreasonable or improper use of the site on your part as well as any violations of this agreement. Finally, you agree not to bring forth any claim or liability arising from a dispute between yourself and another party. If you have a claim or dispute, you can assert this clause’s provisions.

Complete Agreement

This Terms and Conditions of Use document contains the provisions that serve as the complete agreement between the Company and the Site User. These terms should be accepted as the foundation understanding of regulations governing the relationship between aforementioned parties. This agreement supersedes all previous notices, information, and prior agreements in any form. If there are violations or discrimination present, this does not nullify other provisions in this document- they will remain in force.

Modification and Updates

The Company has the right to update this document without any prior notice, and all changes shall be effective immediately after publishing unless a future date is set. To stay informed of modifications, check the effective date on this document as well as other legal documents periodically. According to the Privacy Policy, we have the right to notify Website Users of document modifications through email and other means.

Severability and Termination

If any part of this agreement is illegal or contradicts other, more important regulations, that section will be dropped. However, all the other terms in this document still apply. If we don’t enforce one term of this Agreement, it’s not a free pass to break the rest of them and it doesn’t mean we can never enforce that term in the future.

If you violate any of the Site’s terms or regulations, or break any laws related to using this site, we reserve the right to deny or terminate your access. You’re free to end this agreement at any time by stopping using the Site; however, even after you do, some provisions will still apply.


The user’s understanding is only aided by the headings in this document–they hold no bearing on the actual content.

Contact Information

If you have any complaints, requests, or questions about our website’s services, please contact us via email. If you believe that your issue hasn’t been given the proper attention it deserves, please reach out to the corresponding state organizations that are authorized to review and resolve such cases.