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Marketing Practices

By completing the registration process on the Website, you are agreeing to the Marketing Practices listed here, as well as confirm that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Your registration signifies your request for using our matching service, which connects you with one of the third-party lenders in our network. By continuing, you grant, our financial service providers, and contracted third-party marketers permission to send you marketing materials.  By agreeing to this document, you are giving confirmation that you understand any of the aforementioned parties may try to provide marketing information and strategies related to the services or products in which you showed interest. You give consent for them to communicate with you by email, direct mail, among other forms of media. It is also stated that these communications can occur even if your name is on a Do-Not-Contact list. We will only ever contact you if you have willingly given us your data. If you no longer wish to receive marketing materials or interact with the aforementioned parties, simply use the opt-out feature to remove your name from lists. However, unsubscribing from third-party lists is something has no control over and thus cannot offer any assistance in regards to said unsubscription process. If you have questions about these Marketing Practices, reach out to us via email.